Knee Sleeve

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A knee sleeve is a type of knee brace that does not provide any lateral support to the knee but offers compression and warmth instead. This type of knee brace is suitable for treatment of mild knee injuries such as mild sprains or strains. The warmth of a sleeve can also be helpful in reducing pain due to mild knee arthritis.

In addition to the injuries noted above, a sleeve is a useful accessory for someone who wishes to reduce the risk of knee injury when participating in a sport or some other physically arduous activity, e.g. a workout at the gym.  Someone who only occasionally participates in this type of activity faces a risk of a knee sprain or other ligament injury if the knee is put under stress before it has had a chance to warm up. With the knee ligaments, tendons and muscles cold and lacking suppleness, a sprain or strain is more likely to occur.

The compression of a knee sleeve is also useful for promoting blood and lymphatic fluid circulation through the knee and therefore accelerating recovery from injury. It will also help to quickly reduce pain and inflammation of injuries like knee tendonitis and bursitis.

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