Elbow Sleeve

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McDavid Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve

An elbow sleeve provides general compression and warmth to the elbow and the adjacent areas to help in treating elbow strains and sore or tired muscles. It can also be useful in treating other elbow injuries such as olecranon bursitis.

The compression from the sleeve helps to improve circulation as well as remove waste materials from sore or tired forearm muscles. The result will be less soreness and tiredness, allowing the wearer to continue using these muscles for longer periods.

In addition to compression, an elbow sleeve also helps to keep muscles, ligaments and tendons warm and supple. This additional suppleness reduces the risk of a strain or sprain due to overstretching, tearing or rupturing. Although we should all ensure that we properly warm up before engaging in any strenuous activities, this is not always possible or convenient. Particularly for individuals who may have suffered elbow injuries at some earlier time, an elbow sleeve helps to reduce the risk of re-injury due to failure to warm up or stretch properly.

When Should An Elbow Sleeve Be Worn?

If you have previously suffered an elbow injury and are using the sleeve to protect vulnerable muscles or tendons, we would suggest wearing it as much as possible during the day. Most of us use our elbows all the time, even for purely mundane functions, and so  the protection of an elbow sleeve can come in useful at any time.

Should I Also Wear The Sleeve At Night?

Since we are unlikely to be using our elbows when sleeping, this is one time at which the owner of a sleeve can forego its use.

In addition, if the sleeve provides high levels of compression, it may also be uncomfortable and may interfere with sleep if the owner keeps it on at night.

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