Moist Heat Packs

Moist Heat Packs allow you to utilize the benefits of most heat therapy at home, the clinic or the sports field. Compared to dry heat, most heat provides deeper penetration of heat and greater pain relief. Besides heat packs, other commonly used sources of moist heat include hot water bottles, hot baths or tubs, saunas and steamed towels.

Other benefits of moist heat include the fact that it does not dehydrate the skin and in fact actually increases tissue elasticity. This is of particular importance to aging patients or those with dry or sensitive skin.

Some moist heat packs, particularly the ones for home use,  are for use anywhere you need pain relief. However, most of the ones for professional use come in a shape and size that is optimal for a particular area of the body such as the neck or back. When choosing among these options, you should carefully consider the types of injuries you most frequently encounter at your practice in order to ensure that your investment will be of greatest benefit to your patients.

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