Hot & Cold Packs

Hot & Cold Packs are a convenient tool for treating both acute and chronic injuries.

Sprains, strains, contusions and other injuries experienced at home or on the playing field can be effectively treated by cold packs activated in just a few minutes. They are simple to use and you can employ them just as effectively at home as can your therapist at the clinic or on the court. You can also easily treat chronic injuries at home using a hot pack that you have left in the microwave for a minute or two.

You can take Hot & Cold Packs along with you on business or vacation trips to help manage ongoing injuries. It’s also useful to keep a few of them at home to deal with insect stings or bites, falls or the other accidents that will inevitably take place. Packs that can serve a dual purpose (functioning as both hot and cold treatments) offer additional versatility in managing various types of conditions.

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