Compression Tops

Compression tops fit over the upper half of the torso. Some include sleeves that extend over the entire arm while others are sleeveless or have short sleeves. They provide support to the upper body and stabilize the upper body muscles in order to reduce the risk of excessive vibration that can lead to injuries such as muscle or ligament strains.

The compression and support from compression tops will also optimize your performance of activities that involve a throwing or “smashing” action. These activities are fundamental to a wide range of sports including baseball, football, tennis and cricket.  The tops will stabilize and support your arm, shoulder and torso muscles to improve co-ordination and increase force and endurance.

Compression tops will also improve upper body proprioception, thus further reducing the risk of injury.  Additionally, they will wick away sweat and provide the ventilation your body needs to maintain appropriate temperature for optimal comfort.

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