Dressings & Bandages

We can offer you a wide collection of dressings & bandages to help you care for your patients’ wounds and other similar injuries. When selecting dressing and bandage supplies, we suggest that you bear the following questions in mind as they relate to the types of patients you generally encounter at your practice:

  • Are the wounds you treat normally wet or dry? If many of the wounds tend to be try, you should consider having a selection of dressings on hand that will donate moisture. One example of these is a hydrogel dressing. On the other hand, if many of the wounds are moist or exudative, you will need a good supply of dressings & bandages that will absorb the excess moisture.
  • Are many of the wounds you encounter infected? If so, you will need a supply of dressings & bandages that contain anti infection agents like silver or iodine. However, bear in mind that these dressings vary greatly in their absorptive abilities. Consequently, you will need to consider the answer to the first question above together with the response to this one.
  • Is odor an issue with many of the wounds you treat? This may be the case, for example, with wounds that are the result of conditions like cancer or pressure ulcers. In this case, a charcoal dressing will help by absorbing the malodorous gases emanating from the bacteria.

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