Off Loading Footwear

Our off loading footwear section consists of therapeutic shoes that redistribute pressure across the foot. They are primarily for the benefit of diabetic patients suffering from conditions such as neuropathic ulcers or Charcot foot.

When choosing off loading footwear for use by your patients, one of the important features to look for is removable insoles. These will provide you with the ability to customize pressure redistribution to suit the circumstances of a wide variety of patients. It is important to note that, since gait patterns differ among individuals, the at risk places will vary across the soles of the foot. As a result, you can analyze the gait pattern of each patient to understand their most vulnerable areas. You can then modify the removable insoles accordingly.

A good off loading shoe will also offer substantial cushioning to mitigate the pressure of the patient’s body weight. It will also offer straps and other features that will enable it to accommodate dressings without putting pressure on them.

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