Massage Cream & Ointment

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Creams & ointments meet many needs in a typical physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic or other clinical practice involving manual therapy.

The ideal massage cream needs to provide the glide property of an oil in order to give the therapist the freedom to apply deeper modalities when this is the appropriate choice. This would be important, for example, for a massage therapist performing longitudinal gliding therapy on a patient.

At other times, the cream or ointment needs to possess the frictional property of a lotion. An example of this would be the application of transverse friction to tendon or ligament injuries in order to break down thickened scar tissue that may be causing pain to the patient.

The selection of creams & ointments in this section will provide various choices as to the mix between glide and friction. The optimal choice will depend on the mix of techniques you prefer to apply in your practice.

Suggested Massage Cream & Ointment Products

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