Diagnostic Tools

Medical diagnosis is the process of analyzing a patient’s symptoms and signs in order to conclude which underlying disease or condition best explains them.  Consequently, diagnostic tools will help your staff accurately analyze the conditions from which your patients may be suffering. Accurate and timely diagnoses will assist you to treat patients efficiently without having to carry out superfluous testing. This in turn will result in a more efficient and profitable clinical operation as well as a higher satisfaction level among your patients.

From this, you can see that choosing the appropriate diagnostic tools is an important factor in the eventual success of your clinic. You should make these choices after carefully analyzing the types of patients you presently see at your clinic.  You should also consider how this may change over the future.

The diagnostic tools in this section include equipment that your patients may use at home for basic diagnosis.  They also include more powerful tools that require medical training for safe and effective use. The latter are only for use by healthcare professionals and should not be sold to patients for home use.