Maternity Braces

During pregnancy, the body has to make some amazing changes in order to allow the baby to grow within the mother’s body. As an example of these changes, the body will generate hormones to increase joint and connective laxity in order to facilitate delivery.  In some cases, these changes can lead to pre and post partum conditions like hip separation, hip instability, lordosis, lympedema and more. In these circumstances, the use of maternity braces (also called maternity belts) may be a great aid to relieving pain and correcting the condition causing it.

Some of the key points to bear in mind as you sift through the large collection of maternity braces on the market include:

  • Does it provide a discrete fit? A maternity belt that you can wear discretely under everyday clothing will assist patient compliance and therefore its own effectiveness in reducing pain and/or the severity of the condition.
  • Is its material breathable? A maternity belt that your patient can wear throughout the day without discomfort due to excessive warmth and/or perspiration will again improve patient compliance, with the benefits already noted above.

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