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  • EmbraceAir Deluxe

    EmbraceAir Deluxe

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    The EmbraceAir Deluxe back support can be adjusted to match the specific amount of support you need whichever type of chair you are using. In testing, the support has been shown to be capable of changing the angle of your spine by as much as 18 degrees. Made using environmentally friendly materials and with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, this support has everything you need to free you from lower back pain forever.

  • EmbraceAir Prop Air Sleeper
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    EmbraceAir PropAir Sleeper

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    The Prop Air Sleeper  continually adapts to your energy levels and helps reduce your stress level and ease low back and neck pain. It also helps improve sleep quality. Weighs just 7 oz so you can easily take it with you on holiday or business trips.

  • Innotech Inline Seating

    Inline Seating

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    The Innotech Inline Seating features a frame made from natural wood and high quality ‘30-year’ foam to cradle the buttocks and evenly distribute body weight. Its contoured leg troughs and overflow edges reduce the impact of your weight pressing on prominent bony areas. It can be attached to any of the Innotech “Embrace” type back supports with the included Velcro straps.

  • InnoTech LumbAir Plus

    LumbAir Plus

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    The InnoTech LumbAir Plus back rest features adjustable comfort settings, is portable and can be used to relieve either neck or back pain. Take it with you on vacation or business trips. Covered by health insurance plans and Made in Canada.