Calf, Thigh & Hip Braces

Calf, thigh & hip braces can be used to treat or provide relief from the pain of a broad variety of conditions. These range from hip strains to  quadricep contusions to calf or thigh strains and shin splints.

If you or your patient has undergone hip surgery or experienced hip dislocation, a hip abduction brace may provide important support and pain relief. By limiting the amount of hip movement, it will provide support to the hip to facilitate proper healing in the abduction position. The patient may report discomfort while attempting to sit upright or perform other everyday activities, but should be made aware that this is a normal and expected part of the recovery process.

For individuals who have suffered damage to the quadricep or hamstring muscles , the main challenge will be in stabilizing the damaged muscles and giving them an opportunity to heal. A thigh wrap may provide the compression needed in this situation. Similarly, calf wraps can provide compression to injured calf muscles, allowing patients to benefit from pain relief and a quicker recovery from injury.

Because of the wide range of conditions that may potentially be treated using calf, thigh & hip braces, the choice of brace should always be made with the help of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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