Suggested Hip/Groin Support Products

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  • Cramer Sports Medicine Groin Hip Spica
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    Groin Hip Spica

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    Designed to wrap groin strains, hip abductors and flexor strains

  • McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable

    Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable

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    The The McDavid Groin Support Wrap/Adjustable is a neoprene based wrap designed to provide thermal and compression therapy to injured quadricep and hamstring tissues.

  • Bio Skin Groin Wrap
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    Groin Wrap

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    The Bio Skin Groin Wrap is made to be used in conjunction with Bio Skin’s Compression Shorts to provide additional compression and support to damaged groin, hip flexor or upper hamstring muscles, tendons or ligaments.


  • SAM Pelvic Sling

    Pelvic Sling II

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    SAM Pelvic Sling  is a force controlled circumferential pelvic belt with an optimized single piece design to stabilize open book pelvic ring fractures.