Arm & Shoulder Supports

If you have suffered an injury such as an upper arm or collarbone fracture, shoulder dislocation or separation, your healthcare provider may recommend an orthopedic brace from the arm & shoulder supports category. You can also experience shoulder pain from other conditions such as arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder syndrome, tendonitis or bursitis. You or your patient may be able to obtain relief from the pain of these additional conditions with an appropriately chosen product from the range of arm & shoulder supports available.

An appropriately chosen arm or shoulder brace can provide pain relief by compressing the shoulder joint, thus reducing inflammation, and by stabilizing the shoulder so that the injury will heal with the joint in the correct position. Some supports will keep the shoulder elevated, which will in turn improve blood circulation and promote healing. Finally, some of these supports will serve as aids to improve poor posture that may actually be the root cause of the pain being experienced.

Athough you should always choose your arm & shoulder supports with the aid of a qualified healthcare professional, there are a few criteria that are always important. Wherever possible, the support chosen should be as comfortable as possible to promote patient compliance. In addition, a brace that is easily worn under everyday clothing will be more convenient to wear at work, social or other everyday activities, which will also help with patient compliance, more complete pain relief and accelerated recovery.

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