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Dunbar Medical Is A Supplier Of McDavid Products

Dunbar Medical is pleased to announce that, effective July 1st 2016, it has been appointed as a supplier of McDavid products to Canadian pharmacies nationwide.

The McDavid name is one of the most famous in the field of sports medicine. The father of the founder of the company, Dr. Robert F. McDavid, created the first lateral knee brace in 1969. The company was founded in 1980 and today produces some of the finest equipment available, including compression sleeves, orthopedic braces and supports, athletic tape and much more.

McDavid was one of the first companies to produce single hinge braces as opposed to the double hinge design sold by most of its competitors.

The company’s braces have also been used in the rehabilitation of joint injuries in both athletes and non-athletes. The braces keep the injured tendons, muscles, or ligaments from enduring undue stress.

Those interested in learning more about the range of McDavid products supplied by Dunbar Medical can call the company’s customer service department at 1-800-265-7126, contact their local sales representative or browse the products on our website.


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