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Dunbar Medical Introduces Bio Skin Walker Boot

Dunbar Medical is pleased to introduce to the Canadian market an innovative new Bio Skin walker boot. Made by Ovation Medical and distributed in the US by Cropper Medical, the manufacturer of the Bio Skin line of premium orthopedic braces, this product offers several ground-breaking features.

It has a breakthrough low profile design that provides increased maneuverability, stability and heel relief. Among its many innovative features are an adjustable pneumatic pump with an easy push button release and a ShockPod™ system that absorbs over 50% of the impact from heel strike. The wide foot bed also offers improved comfort and stability.

Indicated conditions include ankle fractures, post-operative immobilization, post operative rehabilitation, grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains and soft tissue injuries.

To learn more about the impressive features offered by this product, please call our customer service department at 1-800-265-7126, contact your local sales representative or visit the product page on our website.

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Bio Skin Pneumatic Walker Boot

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