Dunbar Medical Appoints Sales Representatives in Eastern Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan


Dunbar Medical has appointed Jean-Francois Gauthier as Territory Manager for Eastern Ontario and Quebec and Dave Metz as Territory Manager for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Jean-Francois Gauthier has significant experience in both sales and marketing and sports medicine and most recently served as Sales and Marketing Director at MaxMotion with several wide ranging responsibilities including the creation of new lines of orthopedic braces and first aid products. Previously, he served as Sales and Operations Director with a leading manufacturer of hockey equipment where he directed sales, marketing and operations including overseeing the broker-sales operations. He can be contacted at (514) 659-1681 or by email at jfgauthier@kckinetic.ca.

Dave Metz has had 35+ years in the consumer packaged goods industry in Western Canada and has served in both sales and management roles for several blue chip companies in the pharmaceutical and related industries. His customers include independent pharmacies under several major retail banners in Western Canada. He can be reached at (403) 540-5576 or by email at wescanproducts@shaw.ca

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