Credit Policy

If you do not have credit terms established with us, we will require payment in advance for all orders using a valid credit card. Alternatively, if you have an account with distributors like McKesson or Kohl & Frisch, please let us know and we can arrange billing through one of these entities.

If you plan to order frequently and would like to have credit terms, you will be required to complete a credit application form for us to review. While the application is being reviewed, all orders will require payment in advance of shipping. If credit terms are approved, you will be advised of a credit limit within which you will be required to keep the total amount owed to us. Should any order potentially cause the limit to be exceeded, we will first require payment of existing invoices (oldest first) to bring the amount owed (including the current order) within the limit before the new order is processed.

As an alternative to applying for credit terms, you can also choose to leave credit card information on file with us (in encrypted form) to be used for payment for all orders in advance of shipping.