About Us

…. Strength in prevention
…. Knowledge in rehabilitation

Dunbar Medical is a premier supplier of sports medicine products throughout Canada with acknowledged expertise in the field of orthopedic bracing and other home health care products. Core brands distributed by the company include Bio Skin®, LP® Supports, Kinesio® and Mueller® Sports Medicine.

Dunbar Medical was organized in 1995 in response to the growing need for stronger sports medicine and industry related injury prevention and rehabilitation. Since that time new pre and post treatment techniques, products and rehabilitation programs have created substantial growth in the services and products offered. The company holds  Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License Number 1808.

Today Dunbar Medical not only provides a complete range of health and wellness products, but also conducts seminars for health care professionals in both pro and recreational sports, industrial injury clinics and age related institutions.

Fred Dunbar, founder of the company, played sports in his teens and as a young adult.  Then, as a trainer, he initiated many new techniques to prevent and rehabilitate sports injuries.  His work in these fields was recognized by the University of Guelph with his appointment as head of their athletic therapy staff.

Highlights of his career in health care include:

  • University of Guelph, Athletic Therapy
  • Initiated University of Guelph Symposium on Human Kinetics
  • Lectured on Physical Fitness and Health at many Universities, Colleges and High Schools
  • Head Athletic Trainer for the Toronto Argonaut Football Club
  • Co-authored Canadian Medical Journal paper with Dr. Robert Jackson on treatment and rehabilitation of knee injuries
  • Past President, Ontario Athletic Therapist Association
  • Sheridan College Athletic Training and Management program lecturer
  • Organized Dunbar Medical, a leading source for sports medicine and home health care products designed to help individuals of all ages maintain long, active and healthy lifestyles.